"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

John F. Kennedy

They to success is making one right decision...

and managing that decision daily.  Someone once asked me what is your "hell no?"  What makes you so angry you want to make a difference and change it.  As a dad who missed out on many important moments of living because I was working so hard to create a life, I am passionate to help other men build their dreams without sacrificing the people they care most about in the process.  You can have both.  It is possible to create life by your design and still have the time to spend that life with the people you care about.

It begins with one decision.  The next steps are developing the habits to manage that decision daily and "negotiate" your way through life's twists and turns.  Let's connect to discover what part of your life you've decided to negotiate with next.

A certified Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, Speaker and Health Coach, I help men build their dreams without sacrificing their lives by leveling up in their health and developing success habits.

Jeremy Nicks.

Health Craves Health

The first decision most men fail to make is the one they have the most control over.  It begins with your health.  I leveled up in my health on December 26, 2016.  I had no idea that the decision to get healthy would change my entire outlook on what mattered.


Discover a process that deals with more than you weight.  When you develop a healthy body, you'll crave health in your mind which will allow you to negotiate the journey toward health in your finances, your time and your relationships.  Let's connect for a free health assessment and discover what you desire out of your health in all areas

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