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Build Your Online Business Without Sacrificing Your Busy Lifestyle

Join the Social Connector Business in a Box Masterclass and Discover How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Create a Thriving Online Business on a Budget – No Experience Required!



Site Training

Learn how to create your first funnel from scratch, even if you're a beginner.

A Personal Community

Engage with a supportive community and join live calls to maximize your learning.

Social Media Automation

Harness the power of social media automation tools to authentically market your products and courses

Business Building Strategies

Learn Proven Business Building Tactics to Drive Success and Achieve your Goals.

Time Saving Techniques

Streamline your business-building process with time-saving strategies.

Learn At Your Pace

Access pre-recorded modules at your convenience – no rush, no pressure.

you don't have to sacrifice the life you have to achieve the life you want:

Why Choose the Business in a Box MasterClass?

Our masterclass stands out with a focus on busy entrepreneurs who are new to the online business world. We're committed to helping you achieve your dreams without sacrificing your existing commitments. As a network marketer or someone seeking additional income streams, you'll find our approach tailored to your needs.


Here's What Others Are Saying About Social Connector and Business in a Box

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to follow the modules and set up my first funnel. The step-by-step guidance was a game-changer!"

- Emily S.

"The social media automation strategies are a lifesaver! I'm reaching my audience while still having time for my family."

- Chris M.

"I joined the Social Connector Masterclass with zero experience. Now I'm confidently running my own online courses and generating income."

- Sarah L.


Learn What You Need When You Need It

Business Essentials: What do you need to truly launch ANY online business?

Funnel Builing 101: Build your first site and gather leads or sell your products fast!

AI Mastery: Learn how to use Chat GPT and other tools to make content creation a breeze.

Social Media Automation: Learn the tricks and tools to connect authentically with the masses with easy to use Social Media Tools

CANVA 101: Learn the basics of graphic design to give everything you do a consistent and powerful brand image that your target remembers.

Course and Membership Creation: Share your expertise and learn to design courses right inside the platform. Discover both content and practical steps to launch your course.

Simple System Automation: The power of a great system is letting it work for you. You'll learn how to build workflows that send automated texts, emails, and follow ups plus more!

Done for You Templates: Being a member of the masterclass community means you get access to every template created. From Funnels and sites, to texts and email campaigns. You get it all!


4.9/5 star reviews


Ready to take control of your future? Join the Social Connector Masterclass today and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and tools that will transform your life and business.

Here's what you get:

  • Instant Access to all Courses and Modules

  • Lifetime Access to the Community and Trainings

  • Lifetime Updates and additions to Trainings

  • Discounts on all Social Connector Tools*

  • Resell Rights to Sell the Course and Community Access and Keep 100% of the profits!

Today Just

$247 one time


"Best purchase ever!"

I've learned more from this community than I've ever dreamed possible. And I've launched another business just by joining!

About Social Connector

Jeremy Nicks: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Thrive

With over a decade of experience spanning direct sales, network marketing, and online business, Jeremy Nicks is a seasoned entrepreneur who knows what it takes to succeed in the digital landscape.

What sets him apart is his diverse background – from being a former hostage negotiator to a current business builder and leader.

Jeremy's mission is to empower individuals who are in the midst of building their businesses, helping them achieve more with less. He understands the challenges of a busy schedule and limited resources, which has fueled his passion for creating effective systems that drive success. His philosophy is centered around the fusion of automation, motivation, and a clear vision to create a lasting impact.

Recognizing the hurdles faced by those with limited marketing, technical, or automation skills, Jeremy embarked on a journey to bridge the gap. This journey led to the creation of the Social Connector community, a platform designed to facilitate rapid growth and success. Jeremy's unique talent lies in his ability to simplify intricate systems into easily manageable steps, making them accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

In a world where artificial intelligence and automation are ever-evolving, Jeremy Nicks stands out as a guide who translates complex concepts into practical strategies. His commitment to helping entrepreneurs thrive while maintaining their work-life balance is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Connect with Jeremy and join the Social Connector community to embark on a transformative journey toward building your dream business – one step at a time.


Only if you...

Struggle finding time to build your business while juggling your busy schedule

are overwhelmed by how hard it is to connect with new clients/customers these days

wish you could tap into the power of social media and make more connections

are unsure of where to begin when comes to creating your first site or funnel

Are overwhelmed by how complex it is to market and succeed

are a beginner who wants to build a thriving business online without a steep learning curve

realize you need more income streams but aren't sure where to start

are a network marketer looking for fresh ways to expand your circle


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Format of the Master Class

We understand busy life. So we created the Master Class to fit your needs. The masterclass is a flexible, lifetime purchase that includes pre-recorded modules. You can access them at your convenience and choose the modules that suit your needs.

You also have access to the community to ask questions and join our weekly live trainings and FAQ sessions.

How Does The Community Aspect Work

We have our own community both in Facebook and in our special community group on the Social Connector platform. There are multiple topic specific channels to ask questions and get feedback. We also have a live calendar where you can see the schedule and jump on training calls hosted in Zoom.

What If I'm Not Tech Savy?

Our trainings are step by step and in short bites. This means you work as slowly or as quickly as you like. We design and test our trainings on folks just like you! We don't need this to make sense to web designers and coders. We want normal people like you to succeed and learn quickly.

What are Resell Rights

Many people want to start a business but don't have a product of their own to market. You can use the Social Connector Master Class and Community as your first product. We desire for you to learn from the training which will make you even better and marketing it. With the resell rights you can offer this to other entrepreneurs who, like you, desire to build a better business but need the basic startup ingredients. When you do, you'll earn 100% of the profits every time.

Are There Other Required Purchases?

NO! While Social Connector does offer additional valuable tools and services, what learn in the trainings will work with many platforms and with little to no additional investments. Some of the trainings will only be provided for you if you request them (although they are all included) based on tools that you have added to your arsenal of business building approaches.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee

Because we offer Resell Rights of our Program, you'll have immediate access to download the trainings and tools. For this reason, we do not offer a money back guarantee or trial period for the Master Class. Other tools offered by Social Connector may come with trial periods.

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