"In a hostile world, your success is dependent on your ability to build trust."

Jeremy Nicks


Your success is not about you.

The most talented people don't always make the most money.  The most gifted and skilled aren't at the top of the promotions list.  No matter what you do, your success is directly linked to your ability to connect with and empower others.

The greatest connectors build the greatest influence.  The more willing you are to make others the heroes of their own story, the more success you will see in your own.  Heroic influence is about turning the spotlight toward others, diving into their story, their hopes, and their desires.  This is my passion for you.  That you will re-write your story by helping others rewrite their stories and helping them discover their hidden superhero.


The Bridge Method

How to bridge the gap between you and the people you serve



We help you get laser focused on your people, where they are, and what they need right now.



You learn the soft-skills of curiosity in order to gain access into anyone's life.





Build rapid rapport and trust through tactical empathy in order to establish influence.

Empower your people to choose you. Develop the perfect surrender plan that brings them to you.

This influence six week masterclass helps part-time entrepreneurs connect with anyone so they can start more clients fast. 


Health Craves Health

The first decision most  fail to make is the one they have the most control over.  It begins with your health.  I leveled up in my health on December 26, 2016.  I had no idea that the decision to get healthy would change my entire outlook on what mattered.


Part of leveling up in my influence was in leveling up in the ways I handled my physical health, my mental health, and my financial wealth.  Want to make an impact?  Start with you.  let's connect and help you start there:

A certified Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, Speaker and Health Coach, I help men build their dreams without sacrificing their lives by leveling up in their health and developing success habits.

Jeremy Nicks.

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