I'd Give You My Last Roll of Toilet Paper

The world has been sheltering in place and so many of us have found ourselves complaining about being trapped in our homes. I was one of those frustrated by my new normal.  Until I spoke with Beckie from 29:Eleven ministries.  29:Eleven is a maternity home for pregnant women with no home of their own.

This ministry exists to protect the unborn child and provide an opportunity for the mother. 

For Those Who Can't

 One conversation with its founder, Beckie Perez, and I stopped worrying about all I was missing and became so grateful for all I had.  In the middle of my frustrated feelings of isolation I was confronted with the reality of those who have no place to shelter, no family to zoom with, and no where to turn.  29:Eleven doesn't just provide shelter. They provide education, spiritual formation, and assist new moms in all that is needed for their children and them to have a successful fresh start.

Currently 29:Eleven is home to four women who are expecting or recently gave birth.  Beckie shared that they have no shortage of women who need their help but they have limited space to successfully accomplish their mission.  The organization owns a home that could house even more women but the home needs renovations of over $300,000 to be suitable for housing.  In order to provide the care, resources, and support necessary, 29:Eleven requires $1,100 per month per mom. 

My conversation with Beckie left me with a desire to something to help these moms.  It also got me thinking about who else may be in need during this time.  Who else slipped my mind and needs to be thought of? How could we reach the people who feel forgotten, isolated, or alone in the middle of this crisis?

I decided to do something for both.  Below are some simple greeting cards that I'm sending to people every day.  People who come to my mind who need a physical touch, a smile, or to know they're not forgotten.  I may not be able to visit them but I think there is something special about a hand written card.

What makes these cards so unique is that for every card that is purchased, a portion of the purchase will go directly to 29:Eleven to help those who can't shelter in place like I can.  Who could use a card from you today?

For more information on 29:Eleven's Maternity home go to https://www.29eleven.org 

I'd give you my last roll of toilet paper.  That's how much I care.

Happy Mother's Day

I spent your gift money on toilet paper