Trauma has a transforming impact on everyone who experiences a traumatic circumstance.  When doctors told me I had less than a 40% chance of survival I was faced with a choice.  I would either shrink back and let cancer control my life or I would use the life I was given to make a significant mark on the world around me.  I determined that no matter how much life I was given for me to live, it would be a life of significance. 25 years later my perspective on the importance of significance remains unchanged. 

About Me...

I have been speaking, training, and leading ever since I conquered cancer all those years ago.  By the time I reached 20 years old I was privileged to speak to more than 30,000 people at events, retreats and conferences.  I have been the featured keynote speaker or master of ceremonies at events sponsored by The National Cancer Survivors Association, California Directors of Activities, and Coca-Cola. 


I have spent the last several years as an FBI certified hostage and crisis negotiator.  I utilize my experience and training to build rapport, establish influence and lead hostile and untrusting situations to peaceful and safe resolutions. 


Over the past six years my wife and I have built two successful network marketing businesses.  Each venture generated between seven and eight figures in annual revenue and created high five figure monthly incomes for our family.  Networking is one of the greatest ways to achieve  freedom to pursue dreams. My life is proof of the power of networking.


In addition the above, I am a certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team.  John Maxwell is a world renowned communicator and leadership expert having sold more than 30 million copies of over 100 books on leadership development and communication.  Most recently John received the Master of Influence award by the National Speakers Association and the prestigious Horatio Alger award for leadership and excellence. This award is the only one of its kind awarded within the Supreme Court and presented by Chief Justice Clarence Thomas.  As a member of the John Maxwell Team, I have been trained and coached by the best in leadership and training. I utilize the skills and tools provided by John Maxwell to help others communicate, connect, and lead toward more success and a life of significance. 


Success is not limited.  There is an abundance of significance for everyone who is willing to develop the skills, make the sacrifice, and pursue their dream with passion and consistency.  I provide training for entrepreneurs and networkers who want build the life they desire by helping others do the same. I train from years of education and practical experience in every area of my personal and professional life. I believe you cannot keep what you don't give away.  I also hold fast to the value of helping as many people achieve what they want knowing that when you do, you will in turn, make the significant impact you desire. I can't wait to help you reach for your dream. 

Tools for your toolbox.

Sometimes making small tweaks  can make a big impact. I've created a few tools for you to use and implement that may just make the difference.