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For a limited Time Only We're Offering Birthday Posts On Its Own!

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Send Personalized Birthday Messages Automatically and never miss a birthday!

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Send unique and personalized  images to everyone of your friends on, before, and/or as a followup to their birthday.
Messages are customized to make sure it never feels like a copy and paste moment!

Post custom and different messages directly to your friends' Timelines ON their birthday...Automatically!

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Once you set it, the system will know exactly when to create and share the birthday posts directly on your friend's profile! Plus Facebook will allow you to check each post!

Create personalized images to go along with the post!

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Combining the power of a free tool and Birthday posts you can add personalized images to your posts. Make every person feel seen and special!


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Say goodby to confusing downloads or app installs. Birthdays work right inside your browser. Set it up once and let it work!

Discover the Game-Changing Benefits of Genius Birthday Posts!

Here's the Edge Birthday Posts Will Give You:

  • Amplify Your Impact: With Genius Birthday Posts, you'll be sending personalized and heartfelt birthday wishes that spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships. It's time to make your mark!
  • Boost Your Engagement Effortlessly: Strengthen your social connections and show your contacts you truly care! Genius Birthday Posts elevate your engagement game, effortlessly and authentically.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Don't be just another birthday wish in the crowd. Send advanced, day of, or post B-day wishes along with a custom post and image, and leave an unforgettable impression on your friend's timeline.
  • Unleash the Potential for Opportunity: Every birthday wish opens the door to new conversations, collaborations, and opportunities. Get ready to explore the limitless potential that Genius Birthday Posts can bring to your life and business!


Genius Birthday Posts  is a part of the complete bundle of Social Connector Automation Tools.


Boost rapport with Genius Birthday Posts! Send personalized birthday messages that spark conversations and build lasting relationships. Stand out and create real relationships with people who can't wait to connect with you!

  • ​Increased Engagement:Strengthen connections by showing your contacts you care with customized birthday wishes.
  • Automated SendsSave time and effort while staying top-of-mind with your audience through hands-free messaging.
  • ​Stand Out Timing: Send advanced, day of, or post B-day wishes along with a custom post with image on your friend's timeline.

Plus More!

Genius Posts

Boost your Facebook engagement with Genius Posts! Automatically respond to comments, message likes, and nurture your posts for leads and sales. Make your posts work for you!

  • ​Post Nurturing: Connect people who engage with your content or someone elses' content
  • Automated ResponsesSave time and maximize efficiency by letting Genius Posts respond to comments on your Facebook posts for you.
  • Multiple PlatformsUse on your personal profile, Facebook groups, and business pages to amplify your marketing efforts across multiple channels.

Plus More!


Grow your network effortlessly with Genius Connector! Connect with potential clients on Facebook through automated friend requests. Set request limits, and find the right people to grow your network.

  • ​Save TimeLet Genius Connector work on autopilot, connecting you with potential clients while you focus on other important tasks.
  • Custom SettingsKeep your Facebook activity within safe limits and avoid being flagged, so you can continue growing your network with peace of mind.
  • Multiple Platforms: Works in pages, groups, your profile, and your friends profiles. Find new connections everywhere!

Plus More!


Elevate your communication game with Genius Messenger CRM! Never lose track of potential clients, stay focused with tags and notes, and keep your conversations intentional. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to meaningful connections!

  • Labels & TagsKeep track of where potential clients are in your sales pipeline with color-coded labels for easy organization and targeted messaging.
  • Automated Responses:  Save time and energy with pre-written personalized messages that you can send with one click. Plus Large Broadcasts to multiple contacts!
  • Sync, Automate, RepeatAccess your data from any computer any time, share data to other apps like Project Broadcast, Emailers, and Google Sheets!

And More Than We Can List!


Automatically engage with people who are responding, reacting, or even viewing your stories on Facebook! Post a story poll asking "who's interested" and automatically reach out to anyone who votes "YES!" without having to search for those results on your own!

  • ​Respond to Poll Votes!Regardless of yes, no, maybe or more you'll be able to send the right response to the right people automatically in messenger!
  • Automatically Respond To Reactions: Send thank you's or custom responses to any person who reacts to one of your stories. Automatically every time!
  • Track Everything And Build Strategically: With Let Story Drive you'll see which stories get the most traction, who's responding, and more. All right inside the extension!

Plus More!


Stop letting inactive, cancelled, and non-responsive friends clog up your account on the Facebook algorithm

  • Identify cancelled Accounts: Find those accounts that are fake or no longer active and remove them automatically.
  • Find Your Most Engaged Friends:  Locate your most active friends and add them to a whitelist to be protected from removal
  • ​Locate and Re-engage Non Engaged Friends: Identify friends you haven't connected with and remove or re-engage with them. 

Plus More!


A Price Plan For Every Budget!



Onboarding training to get your started right and moving smoothly!
PLUS: New ideas and trainings with every software update


Over 8,000 Birthday message combinations alone! Plus Friend requests messages, problem, disarming, and open ended questions for every conversation


Weekly Live or Zoom calls to train various features of each tool PLUS the concepts that will drive impact!
Access at every level!


Access to text and email support with questions. We answer all messages within 24 hours and work to make your experience smooth and save you time

GET Birthday Posts AND ALL THE REST:

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The best deal possible is with the full Social Connector Bundle. Over $200 worth of automation tools for as low as $75 when you include Genius Birthday Posts!

If you decide it's not for you, just let us know and we'll cancel your account. We don't offer refunds, but you can try before you buy!

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