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20 Easy Conversation Starters For Any Niche

Saturday, January 21, 2023

"How do you do it?"

I was working with a new client helping with creating an engaging broadcast for their contacts.  I shared the need to educate, inform, call for action, and engage.  He asked, "Okay, but I'm not sure what to ask to get the conversation started with this group."

That's a great question! How do you re-engage a group of contacts? How do you create an automated conversation that feels natural (the most important part of automation)?

We spent some time talking about his niche' and came up with a good start.  It was really simple.  So simple I don't even think I want to share it here!

But it got me thinking...What are some simple quick questions that could be added to a message? What are questions that could make up the entire message just to get the conversation started?

I came up with this list of 20 quick questions to start or take the conversation to the next level:

EasyConversationStarters png


To help you use these questions I've come up with a few ideas for implementation:

These questions are great for follow-up with a "not-yet" client or customer.  Store a few in your templates to have quick access when you can't think of what to ask.

If you know my training, you know I believe mass broadcasts should be use sparingly and mostly for re-engaging contacts who've fallen out of the ascension ladder or are no longer active.
These questions are great for triggering a response for someone who has a background with you or your niche' and can create a great restart conversation.

I would use this rarely but some of the questions could be useful at the front or end of a campaign as a way to get to the one-to-one conversations that we are all working to achieve (or should be).

Grab the full file here and start asking great questions!

Download the file immediately!

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