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How to Host A Livestream With Chat Inside Project Broadcast

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Yes it's Possible to "Go Live" in Project Broadcast!

IMPORTANT: Access to the Full Tutorial Is Limited to Current Subscribers Only Please Subscribe to get the complete access

Before we talk about how to go live let's talk about some of the reasons you may want to go live from inside of Project Broadcast.
Before Facebook marketers like you and me were forced to meet people where they were in order share the hope we have for them due to our offer.
My aunt was a makeup consultant for many years and I would travel with her to people's homes where should demonstrate  her products. This was the only way to build relationships and earn her living. And she loved it! Because she met people created bonds and had a blast!

The next evolution was the step to what was known as the hotel presentation. A group of consultants, like my aunt, would pool their resources, invite guests to come to a hotel ballroom and share their presentation along with demonstrations.  People would purchase and be invited back the following week. This was how they expanded their reach, found their next partners, and scaled their business.

But today we have the capability to do something similar but through our computer screens instead of in person. Social media brings people from all over the country and the world close together and we marketers learned that what we used to have to spend gas and time doing every night of the week, we can now do virtually anywhere anytime.  And that is great... until it's not.

liveonpbsample jpeg

here's a look at what going live on my phone inside a PBLP looks like.

Social Media in today's Culture

Just like so many tools before it, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have grown weary of social marketers who have overused and misused the tool for personal gain. There is a movement by many to avoid the platforms altogether and, at least, much of our target audience is exhausted by the idea of jumping into another FB group, joining one more zoom, or being expected to work these various platforms.

So what do we do?
Here's my first rant... The last several years have created lazy marketers.  We have set rules and made statements with our business partners and, in some cases, our target audiences. We've told them either in action or in bold statements, that to access our service, program, or product they must join us in a FB group, on a zoom, or in some other app we determined is the best way to connect.  We have lost the spirit of my aunt and those who laid the foundation for us.  We have failed to meet them where they are at and bring value to them.

Okay rant over.
So here's the top reasons you want to learn to go live from Project Broadcast:

#1 - Meet Anyone Anywhere on Any Device 

We jumped on to Facebook to reach more people. So let's jump off (or at least swim in more than one pond at a time) for the same reason.  How much more appealing will your presentation, product, or business opportunity be if you are flexible for the person who needs you? Give them the options. You never know who you might reach.

#2 - No App or Download Required...For The People That Matter 

Talk about convenience.  If you provide the link right in their phone and they don't have to sign up, sign in, or remember a password how much more likely are they to join? Sick of getting the "how do I access the zoom?" or "Oh I missed you went live in the group" responses? Then stop making that the only way to experience all the value you have to offer (oh that kinda sounds like a rant).

#3 - Total Control [and domination 🤣] 

That little icon is a power button (I'm sure it confused someone). If you didn't know, social media platforms are pay to play. They limit what you can say, music you play, and even who sees what you're saying or doing. But when I stream directly to my PBLP I'm in charge (with a few exceptions YouTube music). Streaming to my own page on an app that doesn't have those limitations ensures that the people I want to see and know about my live experience have the choice. It doesn't mean they'll join but I know that 90% of them are at least seeing my message natively on a device they have in their hands 97% of the time. No worries of shadowbanning, silencing, or even being kicked off (my personal experience for a random reason in 2022).

How Do You Do It?

For a limited time I'm giving the whole tutorial away to my subscribers for free. In the next 28 days or so, I'll remove the complete tutorial and make it available only to my complete training group. If you're a subscriber (or not) click the button, input your info and I'll send you the 4 step tutorial access.

What You'll Need To Go Live On Your PB Landing Page:

  • PB Account With A Landing Page: That make sense right? Inside the landing page you'll need to use an HTML content block for your livestream (the video content block won't work for this) and an HTML content Block for your chat room.
  • A Place To Stream From: All the details are in the training but you can use YouTube (free), Vimeo (paid), (paid) plus a couple others. (Mac users, I always stream from Ecamm Live no matter what)
  • A Scheduled Event: Even though you may tell people you're going live in 5 minutes, you will need to schedule the live event so you can grab the "embed" code for your PBLP.
  • A Chatroom: I'll show you my favorite two. One is paid but the other is free and great for 99% of us
  • Something Great To Share!: Just because you can go live doesn't mean you should just do it. What value will you add to people's lives today? No before you hit that go button!

Free For All All Subscribers

This tutorial will be available for a limited time for my subscribers until I lock it down for my complete training and bundle group only. Get it now.

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