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The Blog/Messaging/Tutorial: How to Create a Video Message In Project Broadcast

Tutorial: How to Create a Video Message In Project Broadcast

Friday, January 27, 2023

Want to Send A Video?

I get asked this all the time.  The answer to "can I send a video text?" is more complicated than a simple yes or no. The video will explain it BUT no matter what, the answer is "sort of."
THE BEAUTY OF IT is that when you do send a video message through Project Broadcast it will be viewable by anyone on any phone!

Watch the Tutorial and Follow Along


  • Phone: To record your message
  • Vimeo or YouTube: I prefer Vimeo for the customizable features but YouTube will also work.
  • The Landing Page: See the link at the bottom to get your Bundle Code.

STEP #1 - Record Your Message

I record my message in portrait mode because that's what people are used to. Vimeo allows uploaded videos to be played natively in that mode as well which makes things work nicely.

STEP #2 - Upload Your Video to Vimeo (our YouTube)

Think ahead. Could this message be used as a part of a campaign or have some other use down the road? I store all my Project Broadcast text messages in a folder on my Vimeo account or on my computer.

STEP #3 (Option 1) - Edit The Landing Page and Add The Video

From the more menu select landing pages. Click the 0001 Video landing page (access the bundle below).  Scroll down and select the edit (pencil button) to design the landing page.

The quickest option is to add the video element from the content menu of the landing page designer.  Drag the video element onto the landing page just below the gray line. Select the gray video placeholder. Copy the Video link from your Vimeo or YouTube link and paste it into the designated section for that element.
The Only downside to this method is the video will be smaller and will not play in full landscape.


STEP #3 (Option 2) - Edit the Landing Page and "EMBED" the Video

From the more menu select landing pages. Click the 0001 Video landing page (access the bundle below).  Scroll down and select the edit (pencil button) to design the landing page.

This process requires a little more work but creates a more realistic and "normal" video message.  Inside of Vimeo or YouTube, select EMBED.  Copy the embed code provided.

Within the landing page you can click on the provided video. When you click on that video you will see the HTML coding on the right hand side. Select and delete the code.  Then Click Conrol-V (PC) or Command-V (MAC) to paste the code you retrieved from Vimeo or YouTube into the HTML content box.
This should add your video to the landing page.


STEP #4 - Change The "REPLY" Button Action

Select the "reply" button at the bottom of the landing page. In the edit area to the right, delete the numbers only and replace them with your PB phone number. It should look like this (###=Your actual numbers. Don't use ###)

STEP #5 - Change Your Sharing Image (optional)

As an added option, you can take a screenshot of your video's poster image (the image that shows before you start playing a video) and add that image as the sharing image for the landing page. This is not required.


You may want to clone this landing page each time you send a new video message. It will ensure that whenever a contact clicks on the link they will get the correct message. This may or may not be important to you.

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR WORK - Send yourself a test of the text and make sure the process worked correctly. If it did, you're ready to broadcast your message to the right people at the right time!


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