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The Best Message You Can Send

Monday, January 16, 2023

In our never-ending quest to prove to the world that automation [especially messaging automation] is not impersonal I decided to run a test.  I asked this very important question:

What is the best automated message I can send

After a conversation with a business partner about duplicatable tools and some things we are noticing in our networking business, I wanted to connect with a large number of business partners about one topic.

What would most people do in this situation? They'd create a message (or sadly, a group message/FB message group/etc) and send some long announcement type post to the whole group.  Or they spend an hour copy and pasting the same message to those 100 people. And what would happen when they did?

A couple possibilities: 

  • IGNORE IT: So maybe they would actually just not see it because let's be honest, they are ignoring group texts (I hide most of mine) and they aren't getting notified from FB messenger.
  • Wait For Others: We've all been in group messages when we get that "question from the mentor" that we want to be honest but we don't want to be "that person." So we wait.  And until someone else shares authentically we don't share at all.
  • ​It Doesn't Matter: Because by the time they've copied and pasted all those messages they don't have time to respond. Or they don't finish because responses come in and delay completing their pasting project.

So What Did I Do and Why Do You Care?

I jumped into Project Broadcast (which as you should know, is my business phone) and I created a broadcast message for 100 people.
And this is where it got interesting...
I wrote the best message of my life.  It didn't happen all at once.  I followed my own rules. Every message should inform, educate, and engage.  And the biggest rule is no message should go out without the "engage" portion included.

So I wrote the following message (and believe me I sat on it for about 10 minutes because even I get sucked into the "tool" and think it should be used for more:

" Do you have time for a quick question? "

That was it!  In 5 minutes I messaged over 100 of my business partners that simple message.  Some of them hadn't responded to a text from me in a month (no one said I was perfect at this).

But what happened next is what blew my mind!

80+ Responses in less than 20 minutes!

And for the next two hours I was involved in genuine conversations with real people who felt more connected to me than ever! It was the greatest message I've sent in 10 years of business automation.

What It Taught Me About Automation

First I was reminded of the most basic rule. Before you send a message ask the question, "Would I do this without the tool?" Then follow that with, "Do I want a response and am I willing to reply?"  You don't need a major strategy for connecting. You need to think like a human before you give the tool the controls.

Second, I was reminded to keep it simple. Not everything is a campaign or broadcast of awesomeness.  Sometimes we just want to hear another person's opinion or have a conversation.  Odds are those little convos are what landed them on your contacts list in the first place.

Finally, stick to your guns! Automation doesn't make us impersonal. How we use automation makes us impersonal.  So be yourself. Be personal...On a grand scale!

I hope this helps you the next time you sit down to craft an eloquent message and want to add all the cool features (and trust me, I love the shiny objects).

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