"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

John F. Kennedy

Negotiating life

 The foundation for influence is the ability to connect with others.  I use my skills to connect with and help others succeed in my personal and professional life.  Navigating life's difficulty and negotiating with yourself and others to create the business, relationships, and life you desire is possible.  The same skills that have talked people off of bridges, set hostages free, and turned crisis to hope can be taught and learned.  You can negotiate life with success! 

I am a certified Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team.  Using my skills to help others is my passion and my purpose.

Jeremy Nicks.

My goal is simple: Others

Someone once asked me what is your "hell no?"  What makes you so angry you want to make a difference and change it.  My life's story has been filled with feelings of less than and not enough.  When I see a person who, through circumstances, previous choices, or the words they've heard time and time again, believes they are not lovable, worthy, or capable of greatness, my heart screams "Hell no!"

I desire to help you discover that your worth doesn't change because of how you are viewed, or what you accomplish. You are valuable because of who are.  You are stronger than you know, and more precious than you realize.

Let's Connect:

Join me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as we "Negotiate Life" together.