We All Have a Story

The first time I learned weight mattered I was in third grade.  Prior to that my experience with food was nothing but joy-filled delight.  In my family food meant celebration.  It was comfort in sadness and it was reward for achievement.  We lived to eat and we ate well.

In third grade, however, my relationship with food became a point of shame.  My family was on a tight budget and that meant clothes needed to last.  Unfortunately mine did not.  While my shorts didn't get shorter, my waist was getting wider which led to a battle with the button and the zipper.  While I was typically successful with the button battle (my mom taught me how to suck in my gut that year) the war of the wardrobe was lost in the zipper. 

Throughout the day my zipper would give to the pull of shorts or pants and I would find myself the focus of classmates chanting, "Jeremy is a stripper! Jeremy is a stripper!"  It was that year that I discovered I was "Big boned" and that was unacceptable.

From that point on my battle with the bulge became about yo-yo diets, deprivation, or sweating out the extra calories I consumed.  It wasn't until 2016 I began to ask myself the important questions such as "Why I eat when I'm anxious?" or "What is it about being alone that leads me to the pantry for junk food?"

So many of us believe health is about what we lose.  There is more to your story than a number on a scale.  Health is about wholeness.  Health is understanding what led you to this place and how can you grow to the place and you desire for your future.  December 26, 2016 was the start of a journey of discovering not why I overate (and even still overeat at times) but the emotions that led to my decisions both with and without food.

Here's what I know now:  No matter how successful you are or want to be, until you physical, mental and emotional health  is in order, you'll never meet your full potential.  The habits and relationship you have with food is a strong indicator of your whole life. 


Life is emotional.  We may not always be able to articulate what we are feeling but feelings are constantly at work within us.  Emotions are energy in motion and when we can learn to identify them we can begin to take control of how we use that energy.  We can break the habits loops that keep us so tied up and stuck.

Our stories of pain, joy, hurt, and struggle all contribute the unhealthy areas of our lives.  I'd love to connect with you to hear your story and discover if what I offer is a fit.  You can setup a free health assessment below:

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