Negotiate Doubt

Question for you. What do you believe is the greatest barrier that stands between most people and their success? Some people believe it’s inaction or an unwillingness to just take a step of faith or risk. Some people think it's apathy. None of that is true.

The greatest barrier between most people and their success is self-doubt. Research shows that over eighty five percent of people suffer from low self esteem and self doubt. Where does it come from? What happens in our lives that we start so doubting our abilities?

There are a lot of reasons. Here are just a few:

Doubt from others

You share with someone your dream and they tell you all the reasons it’s not possible for you. This happens more times than not.

Personal Experience

You try at something and you don’t succeed. Every perceived failure, if not handled correctly, leads to more doubt.


The people in your life that fill your head with the question, “Who do you think you are?” They don’t doubt your ability but they crush your dream.

I want to give you the greatest weapon against self doubt. This isn’t just for you. This is for the people you’re in relationship with and who you are building heroic influence with too. Your next true success is directly related to your ability to authentically connect with others to make others them the heroes of their own stories. How do we accomplish that? While eighty five percent of the people that we encounter in doubt themselves one hundred percent of people have dreams deep within them.

The answer to self-doubt is increased faith. John Maxwell says there are three things we must know about faith.

  1. People have very little faith in themselves.

  2. People have very few people that believe in them.

  3. People will rise and fall to meet the level of expectations that you have in them.

This is true of every relationship. People that you want to work with people you want to sell your product or service to that applies to potential business partners. Most people will rise and lower their personal expectations to meet your level of expectation of them.

Why does this matter to you? Because this is a key to increase your influence in someone else. People with heroic influence have faith in others.

People who believe there are no hopeless situations but only people who've lost hope over their situation. If you’ll become a person who sees the person’s possibilities beyond their current circumstance, you’ll become a person of influence.

Every person is walking around with invisible hashtag attached to their profile and life. It’s #makemefeelimportant. When you have faith in a person you help them see their importance. They take a step toward becoming the hero of their story and you bridge the gap between where them and your influence in their life.

How to have more faith in people:

See their potential success not their current reality.

View people through a lens of

what is possible if they had the right mindset and tools.

Remember where you started.

One of the things that keeps us from believing in others is our own pride. We forget where we’ve come from. We forget all the help we got along the way. We look at people through judging eyes. Instead, look at others with humble eyes remembering that you are where you are because of people who gave you opportunities and had faith in you. Remember that you have not and will never fully arrive. We are all a work in progress and the minute we believe we have arrived, we have nowhere to go.

Verbalize your belief in others and set higher level of expectations for the people in your life.

People need to hear your faith in them. But don’t just leave it there. Share your faith and then raise your expectations. “I know how great you can be. Because I know what you are capable of, I know you can give more than you have to this point.”

If you’ll believe in others, you’ll become an influence in their lives. You’ll also find that your faith in others leads to more and more people who believe in you.

Your challenge for today: Go apply one of these three steps in at least one relationship today.