Staying Social While Distancing

All my enneagram fans out there will understand when I say I’m a “2.” Those of you who aren’t this means I’m a helper. It also means I love entertaining, creating a fun and comfortable space for others, and meeting the needs of the people I care about.

Telling a two like me to keep people out of my house or not have Sunday dinner with family is like telling a “one” all the shirts in their closet don’t have to hang facing the same direction (note the enneagram humor). So I’ve been searching the interwebs for ways to hang out and be create fun during this not so fun time in our world’s history. I thought I’d share a couple things I’ve found that may help you as you’re learning this new normal.

Below are some ideas I’ve found to help bring us closer when we are forced to be at a distance:


Last weekend our family hosted our weekly “Blue Bloods Sunday” over Zoom. Blue Bloods is a tradition for my sister and her family, my parents, and my family. Every Sunday we hang out, eat dinner, play games, and even have a show. We aren’t going to let isolation stop us. So we hosted virtual Blue Bloods and played two of the following games:


It was as simple as downloading free bingo cards and texting them to the different family members. Each family printed their cards. We jumped into a zoom with gallery view and used this online bingo caller. We used the share screen feature on Zoom and let the caller do its thing. We laughed and played two rounds. Didn’t even need prizes to have fun.


The game is simple. One player is given a word or phrase and has to mouth the word/phrase without making a sound. The first player guess correctly gets to be the “mouth talker.” This is how we put technology to work for us. By muting one of the zoom windows you can’t hear what’s coming from that particular user. So we printed up a list of words and phrases and whoever was the mouth talker received a private text of the word/phrase. The harder the funnier. Here’s a few lists for you to use


You may not know it but there is an entire online system for virtual party games. Jackbox works with phones, computers, and a number of smart devices and is built for a time such as this. Most of their Games are geared toward the adult crowd but there are a few games in their game box for the whole family. Check them out here.


Doesn’t it feel like this is the perfect time to go back to the good old days where technology didn’t rule the world. Here’s a couple ideas I’ve been tossing around.


How great would it feel to get a card in the mail right now? Knowing that the card was in physical contact with that friend or family member makes it even more meaningful in these times. It requires more thought, time and effort than a text and we have the time to put in the thoughts and the effort now more than ever. Why not stop by the Dollar Store on your next adventure for toilet paper and pick up some cards to send out?


Isn’t it amazing how a virus can take a word we learned from movies like ”Colors” and turn completely transform it. Just because we can’t go inside or even to the front door of our friends, neighbors and families homes, doesn’t mean we can‘t drive by, honk our horns, and even drop off a little thoughtful gift. I just completed a LEGO picture frame and I can’t wait to drop it off for my nieces and nephew. Just jump in the car, text whoever you’re driving by to open their window or door and give them a honk, a wave and maybe a thoughtful gift.


I’ve seen so many people buying and playing new games and completing puzzles. If I were buying stock it would be in paper goods, zoom, and riddles/puzzle companies. My wife just did something I thought would be great for all of us. She completed a 1,000 piece puzzle, took a picture of it, and then put it right back in the box. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was mailing it to her friend who is locked down in Italy. What if we all did that. Complete a game, puzzle, or time filler and pass it along with a little note for the person telling them why we thought of them and encouraging them to pass it forward when they are done. It’s like chain letter time fillers!

I’ve seen so many creative people doing so many creative things to stay entertained, connected, and social without being physically close. I would love to read your ideas and put them into practice for my next virtual Blue Blood Sunday!